three tattoo roses

Many people are not afraid of the pain, but the shock of the pricing of a tattoo quote. We believe our pricing should be fair and transparent.

Our prices are based on three basic factors size, detail, and time.

For example, a Black and Gray tattoo with of a rose 3  inches in high and width would range from $60 -$70,  were as a full color would range from $80 – $100 within the same size range. As the size it the same the is a bit more time and materials used in a color tattoo which demands a slight increase in cost.

The price list provide below are to give and estimated price based upon size, type and location.

Small Names $30 -up to five letter, $5 for each additional letter

Half Sleeve – starting at $350

Full Sleeve – staring at $500

Single Shoulder – starting at $150

Lower Back- starting at $125

Full Back  –  Session package required

Chest (One side) – starting at $150

Full Chest  – starting at $225

What is a Tattoo session?

Tattoo session are used in many case when Large detailed tattoo piece are being done. This help reduce the costly hourly rate that can present a mystery price tag at the completion of the tattoo.

A large tattoo such as a Full-Back Tattoo may take several session based upon the amount of outlining, shading, and coloring needed.