What is a Tattoo session?

What is a Tattoo session?

Tattoo session are used in many case when Large detailed tattoo piece are being done. This help reduce the costly hourly rate that can present a mystery price tag at the completion of the tattoo.

A large tattoo such as a Full-Back Tattoo may take several session based upon the amount of outlining, shading, and coloring needed.

Each session will be set-up to complete a specific amount of work and time between session will be base upon the clients healing time.

Meet and Ink 2

 Get ready Brooklyn, its going down again. BK Body Art Meet and Ink is going down again. For those who didn’t make it or missed the opportunity to get tattoo by our talented artist, save the dated.

September 30th, 2017 at the BK body art studio in Brooklyn, New York begin at 8 p.m. the artist will begin to ink and skin will be altered with the beauty of art. Also, come hang with some Mixxy Society’s own Dizzy Brown, Dj Super Agent Dre, Lenny Matic, just to name a few and feel the great vibe and support your locate BK Business.

Special tattoo discounts for this event only 

Meet and Ink

Mix it up with the Crew of BK Body Art and Mixxy Society’s own Dizzy Brown and DJ Super Agent Dre.

Music, Refeshments, and Ink under on roof!

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“Through art we express who we are, our skin and hair reflect what we want other to see. When we combine all elements of art and body, the result is BK Body Art.

– BK Body Art